Sunday, 19 January 2014

Leviathan in the Pacific

… Hello, can you hear me?... yeah, the evacuation is on at Shimoda. Any news from the other side? …. The giant waves are hitting the white beach…. Everything is under control. (The communication of the police over wireless is on)

(at hotel Kona Besso)
… It is NHK World. It’s news hour. The Pacific Tsunamic warning centre has issued warnings for people in Tokyo. The coastal communities have been cautioned against going into the sea for the next 48 hours (it continues….)
Rostislav (Duke): Why are you in a hurry?
Chiyo: Haven’t you heard the news?
Sakura: Shoo… (whispers) Don’t talk louder in front of the duke
Reika: What will happen?
Sakura: Anything (in a hushed tone) might happen
Rostislav: Tsubaki, Tsu… come here
Chiyo: Shall I move, sir?
Rostislav: You shut up. Oh, Tsubaki… Don’t you hear me, love?
Chiyo: (confused) Let me go now. I’ll send Tsu here.
Sakura: Chiyo doesn’t know how to be polite with the duke.
Reika: I’m curious
Sakura: Time ‘ll teach you the rest.

…. It is NHK World. The reason for Tsunami is being found out. Fire-breathing sea monster is seen in the Pacific Ocean. His eyes send a radiating flash, which men can’t stand for a second. Nobody dares to see him close by. The smoke billows from his nose and the flames from his mouth…. No words could express how destructive he is!
… Timur, Semyon, Artyom, the three men of valour are on their way to meet Leviathan

Chiyo: See, what will they do?
Rostislav: Yakov… (start yelling) hey, where are you?
Chiyo: Will he be ready?
Rostislav: (irritated) won’t you stop now?
Chiyo: Let me go now
Rostislav: No (shout at a high pitch).. please be here (voice lower down to husky tone)

…. Anxiety-filled air welcomes you all. Timur tries to pull the Leviathan with a fishhook. It’s ridiculous to see how Artyom tries to tie down the tongue with a rope. Semyon has a sword in hand (it goes on)

Who is going to kill the Leviathan? An unanswered question wakes me up.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Pie in the Sky

A gentle breeze caresses my skin,
A kiss on lashes closes the horizon
'Enjoy the eternal bliss' says torpor
A delight, it’s to traverse the hills
A whiff of Eucalyptus permeates thro’ air
‘So sweet’ I inhale the buds & herbs
A swish of grass plays a magic on stage
‘Soulful tune’ leaves ye long in trance
The birds in disarray 'r a sight to behold
Where is the creator?
A pang, I feel so deep in heart,
Nature awaits to catch ye all
Hark, a burning ball in the sky
So high, he marches on a chariot

Is it a plea to kiss and embrace?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Behind my Silhouette

Om Sivoham, Sri Viswanatham Bajeham:
So high I levitate to glimpse at Shaiva saints,
A spiritual climate opens up a new turf,
Forget ‘self in the divine aura;
So queer it’s to stoke the butterflies in tummy,
‘Wiggly eyes’ take refuge at a gloomy mutt,
A gathered guts makes way into the dome.
A plateful of sweets and fruits send a closer look;
So mysterious they seem I think,
Closing the doors to make a retreat.
On the Ganges, I sit, haystack on my lap,
Alas! No grit to have a firm hold on;
A hue and cry, I hear, from the water,
On toes, I’m to escape the nasty gaze.
So magnetic it’s to draw to a boy,
‘Will ye help find my way back’, I ask
A smile and a kiss assure in turn,
‘Go fast’, a voice cautions time again;
Uf! A man trips on puddles so hard,
A happy, congested, large-hearted hamlets,
So friendly they ‘r to meet and greet;
‘Eat dis’, says a granny in head towel wrap,
Wonderstruck I’m at the magnanimity;
So confused to trust the empty words.
‘Om Kali’ chanting mesmerizes to hold attention,
A woman in trance dances to the drums’ beat
So pious, ye ‘r to see them in droves
‘stop them throwing eggs on’ as offering
A voice, I hear, from the back
Me! …. Who ‘m I to question a belief?
Oh, God, How powerless I’m left!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Whimpering Willows

Faces light up to hear a cry of a new born;
A welcome cheer dissipates with the news of a baby gal,
A second labour pain for the mother starts.
The gleaming babe unawares the thorn eddying in air;
‘ye are a gal’, voices caution at each step,
Escorts her till their last breath.
No thrill in life she cries her heart out;
Nor the walls echo her sobbing tales,
The inner embers struggle to find an identity.
A relief sought to breathe a fresh air in job;
A hard reality strikes with the ogling male,
Trying to paw at; sms-ing double entenders.
Emancipation of women, a placard laughs at a rally;
Waiting in wings under the shade of a nubile nude poster,
‘Getting hitched’, would be ideal, the mom says.
A forced dreams push down to the Prince charm;
It’s too late to settle; her anxiety grows,
Will the rose never wither in a gale?
The closed windows open with a thud;
Bumpy ride is ahead, be prepared, they say,
In a kitschy world, her Kismet is
To fight against odds in every stage.
Crazy wimps gawk at the svelte figure;
‘World is your oyster’, quips to brainwash,
Encomiums heaped upon her acts,
Paeons paid to worm his way into heart.
‘Smile and smile and be a villain’,
Shakespeare’s words entrench so deep in heart;
‘Am I a fool’, a simmering rage takes no exit point,
‘Docile’ no more, a voice whispers within.
Ye ‘r not a jewel for sale, cautions louder;
Each has a role to play on the stage,
Ye fall no prey to the vile eyes, waiting to mint.
No more ‘weaker sex’ ye ‘r hereafter,
More Power to your shoulders to march ahead,
To stamp out vice-like grip of Mammonism,

‘Arise, Awake and Stop not’, till ye ‘be free.

A wake-up call takes me back to the ugly reality.