Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Scryer

Abracadabra Cadabra
Cadeen! Look! Look!
Look into the mirror
‘Return them all soon’
A roar sends shivers
Ha ha ha, it’s like a cartoon
‘wait in the wed’ng hall’, he quivers
Bibbidi – Bobbidi Boos
Another jumps with shoes
‘Stand on your own legs’
We ‘re not here to beg
An actor par excellence
Sorry, there’s no evidence
Sims ala Bim calls
There’s nothing to recall
‘Be educated and go for a job
Or it’s our turn to sob
Ye look like Mr. Hartley
Who’s just from Berkeley
Ratata…. Boom! Boom!
A knight turns so gloom
It is unfair to rob privacy
‘s it a design to shape the dynasty?
The magic lies not in the mirror
The ‘words’ made ‘t so clear