Thursday, 5 June 2014


O rain, O rain
The umbrella’s thine
In summer shines
Still the droplets: fine,
Under the red-hued gift
Watch the showers
Coming drop by drop
And drop by drop
Wait, my friend
Thy fingers get tensed
Let them down touching
Uf, a shift in stand
See thee on top
Of a mammoth stair
A garland on hand
Huge on thy both
A grin on thy face
Signal to move fast
Yes, the right leg first
To step to thee strong
It’s the light, which
Leads all thee for bright
Out of darkness and
Bells chime to enthrall
Diamonds, ruby and
Emerald shine on thy Fort
Full of fragrance, yet
It ‘s so mystery
Sir, Is ‘t Heaven?
Or…. Oh, no, let me enjoy.