Thursday 17 July 2014

Oh, Hari!

Thoughts tossing up and down
Hark! In the choppy waters
Eyes smitten with the glowing ball
Bright, yet a loving touch
Wonder seeing thy smile on top
Nature’s torch against the dark sky
A dance in tune with the moving sea
The straying fizzy locks in the wind
Whispering woeful words in thy ear
The rolling black marble eyes
Do a magic on thy pink tulip face
Wow, what a sight it’s!
When they steal a quick glance at
The lilting lips of Radha
Scarlet and yellow Pimpernal
Hug thee so close to thine
Watch, a jealous air all around
Wandering thoughts float over
The top of massive waves
Carry the longing look
Oh, Hari! Play thy part in a hurry
For a dawn chasing thee at thy back.

Wednesday 9 July 2014




With a bow-like eye brows
On the sun-defying face
My brother, Balarama
Bowing unto the fire
And raised to lift my hands
Placed against Achudan’s
Offering puffed rice
See, my friend
King Kannan, in my dream
Cupping my arms on top of His
Together offering rice to the fire.


To bring down the heat
Due to the smoke from fire
Sandal and ‘Kumkum’ applied
And made me sit next to Kannan,
On a caparisoned elephant –
It’s a procession thro’
The streets decorated with
‘Maavilai thoranam’
See, my friend
On our return, in my dream
‘Mangala Aarathi’ drawn,
It’s indeed a new dawn!




‘Manthras’ chanted at a high pitch
‘dharbai’ and ‘Samikthu’
Added to the ‘Agni kundam’
Anxiety-filled Vedha Pundits
Going in a hurry
To complete the rituals
See, my friend
Blue-skinned Kannan, in my dream
Holding my hand tight in His right
Moving round and round
The fire, parroting ‘Manthras’
In the smoke-filled ‘manappandal’


An omnipotent God and
The ruler of our hearts
Both material and spiritual
See, my friend
Narayanan, in my dream
Leading me to the North
Of the fire with His
Right holding my hand
When His left
Lifting my right toe
And putting on ‘Ammi’
A firm nuptial bond
Tied for all our births

Monday 7 July 2014

Sri Naachiyar

Look! Look! Gorgeous looking young nubile girls
In a ravishing bright silks
Having ‘Sun defying oil lamps’ and
‘Gold Kalasams’ in hands
Jingling with glittering
Diamond bangles
The rustle of silk seen with
On the cusp of youth
Stealing a dazzling smile on faces
Waiting in the wings to welcome Kannan
See, my friend
The King of Mathura, in my dream
Swaggering down like a thunder
With His strong ‘Padugais’


Drums thumped up and down
In tune with ‘Nadaswaram’
Meandering thro’ ‘Kalyani’
A flight in a music-filled air
Transporting all to sublime heights
To my surprise, a conch blown,
See, my friend
The brawny Madhusudan, in my dream
Strutting down His way thro’
Pearl-strewn, floral ‘Manappandal’
And holding my hand into His right
What a nice gesture, it’s!

Saturday 5 July 2014

Sri Andal

( 3 )
Ghee sweets and fruits in air
Melting minds to call ye near
Indiran, Atri, Narada
And devas come holding
Huge plates in arms
The sandal paste worn
Bright faces in silk dhotis
Carrying happy news here
Both families share and swear
Brahaspathi chants ‘manthras’
And engagement fixed thereupon
See, my friend
A mango yellow silk, in my dream
With a pink Zari border
Koorai being draped in
And a garland worn
A gift, from my sister-in-law

Erudite Brahmin Pundits
Fetch holy water in gold pots
From all the four quarters
To sprinkle on both to be married
‘Mangala sasanam’ sung at a high-pitch
Rapturous, yet no word uttered
See, my friend
Lotus-faced Kannan in my dream
Seen with a garland around His neck
Throw a smile and
Take a quick glance at
The Kaappu on my left
And on His right wrists
A novel way to leave a note?

Thursday 3 July 2014

Sri Godha


See, my friend
Blinking lights, in my dream,
Changing hues
Yellow and pink flowers
Gleam and woo
Thousand caparisoned elephants
Catwalk and shimmer, when
‘Nethipattam’, bells and
Necklaces add luster,
Gold head gears on top
A festive fever catches fast
With Pancari melam and orchestra
Under tinseled silk parasol
And peacock feather fan,
Vencamaram sways up and down
‘Purana porkudams’ in a row to bow
‘Maavilai thoranams’ smile to welcome
Here comes my Narayanan majestically

Red and green silks
Add gusto to the wind
Pearls run everywhere
To twinkle ‘manapandal’
‘Kamugam’ and ‘paalai’
Hanging hither and thither
See, my friend
Rose and jasmine, in my dream
Spraying aroma around
Tomorrow is the wedding, fixed
And It’s a surprise indeed
To see Thirumagal’s solumate
Govindan’s entry with long strides.
Like a lion on a stage.