Friday, 29 November 2013

Chasing Justice

…. a sunny day. I walk towards a wedding hall, unknowingly. The happy faces invite me inside with flowers and sweets. They sprinkle rose water on me. I am drenched in the aroma for a while. My eyes fall on my dress. There is no make-up, no hair-do and not even a party-wear.

I have a mixed feel, as I look up and see the coat of arms, being carved in stone on the outside. I try to read the letters on the top. It must be the name of the wedding Hall, I think. I rub my eyes to have a clear vision. Appellate Court, it reads.

How does the scene change? I wonder. I am not used to this climate so far. But… Is it Jacob, shaking hands with Monroe, a solicitor?

I am being inquisitive in knowing, what is going on in between them? A simmering tension is felt with inside.

‘Hello, Chelsea’, a voice calls me from behind. I turn back.  … Vaughan! which has brought you here, Mr. Vaughan? I ask.

I am called for a seminar. I guess, you won’t mind giving me a company, he appeals.

We go inside the chamber. The arrangement of the seats reminds me of the court house. There are many new faces sitting on stage.

To my surprise, on my left, I see Jacob sitting next to Monroe.

I am confused about Jacob’s presence. I curse myself for the close proximity to a Venomous creature.

I get diverted, when a stranger on stage starts inquiring Jacob. Does he have any business here? I wonder.

I’m innocent, Chelsea is the culprit. Let me have justice, Jacob cries.

I am shocked at his words. Why does he drag me into his talk?

The person on stage turns his face to my side. Do you have any point to make? He asks.

Sorry, I don’t understand, I reply.

A hustle and bustle disturbs the calm house.

Where is Vaughan, my friend?

While my search is reaching fever pitch, a chilly breeze caressing my face to wake me up from a deep slumber.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Do I wake or sleep?

…. A sip of water any where! Water, water, water. My eyes dart left and right quickly. I feel like my legs buckle under me. Oh, God! What will happen to me? I think.

In the middle of the woods, I stand alone. The dusk starts enveloping the earth. I should go, before the night falls. Is there anybody to guide my way home?

To my utter dismay, there is a student hurrying in the middle of nowhere. I heave a sigh of relief and we both make a good company for quite a few seconds.

There is a historical temple, on the way, left uncared for long. She gets inside the temple, leaving her slippers outside.

I hardly believe my eyes. The gate is still closed. How could she make it?

I wait for her at the entrance. The mammoth door opens up and a sage emerges out. He carries a bowl on his left hand and a spoonful of milk on his right.

There is a mesmerizing charm in his face. I am spell bound, when he drops the milk on the floor. Next he offers another spoon to me. I bend and take it with much respect.

Still, I see the slippers next to mine. The question lingers within, where is she? I hear a voice calling me from the passage nearby. It is the same girl standing with her family.

There is a gust of wind followed by a heavy downpour. I wake up to the alarm of my mobile phone.

In my bizarre moments

I stand alone. Is it Shatabdi Express? It will leave the place soon. Hey, where are you? She has been here for long, but now…. I become restless. Vienne, I call her. There is no response. A full-throated calls follow.

With a whistle signal, the train jolts. It is a preparatory moment for a start. A thud follows. I go weak at the knees. The time ticks fast as seconds, minutes, hour…

I wonder, how long should I wait for? Will there be another chance? I look around. Vienne… No response yet. It continues till I see her.

It is a hill top. I go around and a surprise awaits me. It is Vienne.

Where were you dear? I ask. I never wait for her reply. It shows my restless attitude. What has happened, you know? We have missed the train, I say.
So what? She replies cool. We have time left aplenty. Shall we veg out till the next one arrives?

Suddenly there is a shake and a voice calling me, ‘wake up, it’s too late to have a cup of coffee’.

A Vision or a Waking Dream?

Certain moments in life throw you on the platform to explore the gap between a dream and the real. Is it the result of spirituality? Or does the mind choose this as a way to give vent to the suppressed emotions? Where will you find its space in-telepathy, occultism, clairvoyance, …. You can neither prove it as true nor dismiss as false.

You marvel at your ‘inner voice’ when it predicts future. The similarity with which the characters and the situations act, will send shivers down spine. The positive vision does bring delight, whereas the negative may drive you to seek the blessings of divinity to escape from the vice-like grip of an evil spell.