Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Behind my Silhouette

Om Sivoham, Sri Viswanatham Bajeham:
So high I levitate to glimpse at Shaiva saints,
A spiritual climate opens up a new turf,
Forget ‘self in the divine aura;
So queer it’s to stoke the butterflies in tummy,
‘Wiggly eyes’ take refuge at a gloomy mutt,
A gathered guts makes way into the dome.
A plateful of sweets and fruits send a closer look;
So mysterious they seem I think,
Closing the doors to make a retreat.
On the Ganges, I sit, haystack on my lap,
Alas! No grit to have a firm hold on;
A hue and cry, I hear, from the water,
On toes, I’m to escape the nasty gaze.
So magnetic it’s to draw to a boy,
‘Will ye help find my way back’, I ask
A smile and a kiss assure in turn,
‘Go fast’, a voice cautions time again;
Uf! A man trips on puddles so hard,
A happy, congested, large-hearted hamlets,
So friendly they ‘r to meet and greet;
‘Eat dis’, says a granny in head towel wrap,
Wonderstruck I’m at the magnanimity;
So confused to trust the empty words.
‘Om Kali’ chanting mesmerizes to hold attention,
A woman in trance dances to the drums’ beat
So pious, ye ‘r to see them in droves
‘stop them throwing eggs on’ as offering
A voice, I hear, from the back
Me! …. Who ‘m I to question a belief?
Oh, God, How powerless I’m left!

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