Sunday, 19 January 2014

Leviathan in the Pacific

… Hello, can you hear me?... yeah, the evacuation is on at Shimoda. Any news from the other side? …. The giant waves are hitting the white beach…. Everything is under control. (The communication of the police over wireless is on)

(at hotel Kona Besso)
… It is NHK World. It’s news hour. The Pacific Tsunamic warning centre has issued warnings for people in Tokyo. The coastal communities have been cautioned against going into the sea for the next 48 hours (it continues….)
Rostislav (Duke): Why are you in a hurry?
Chiyo: Haven’t you heard the news?
Sakura: Shoo… (whispers) Don’t talk louder in front of the duke
Reika: What will happen?
Sakura: Anything (in a hushed tone) might happen
Rostislav: Tsubaki, Tsu… come here
Chiyo: Shall I move, sir?
Rostislav: You shut up. Oh, Tsubaki… Don’t you hear me, love?
Chiyo: (confused) Let me go now. I’ll send Tsu here.
Sakura: Chiyo doesn’t know how to be polite with the duke.
Reika: I’m curious
Sakura: Time ‘ll teach you the rest.

…. It is NHK World. The reason for Tsunami is being found out. Fire-breathing sea monster is seen in the Pacific Ocean. His eyes send a radiating flash, which men can’t stand for a second. Nobody dares to see him close by. The smoke billows from his nose and the flames from his mouth…. No words could express how destructive he is!
… Timur, Semyon, Artyom, the three men of valour are on their way to meet Leviathan

Chiyo: See, what will they do?
Rostislav: Yakov… (start yelling) hey, where are you?
Chiyo: Will he be ready?
Rostislav: (irritated) won’t you stop now?
Chiyo: Let me go now
Rostislav: No (shout at a high pitch).. please be here (voice lower down to husky tone)

…. Anxiety-filled air welcomes you all. Timur tries to pull the Leviathan with a fishhook. It’s ridiculous to see how Artyom tries to tie down the tongue with a rope. Semyon has a sword in hand (it goes on)

Who is going to kill the Leviathan? An unanswered question wakes me up.

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