Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Helluva Vision

Don’t go eristic
To know the way
You choose to enter
Hunky-dory to know
How the gates of
Heaven bow to unlock
As your feet land on –
The sky opens the
Floodgates to sing
Encomium on thee
Seraphim and cherubim
Chant thy names
To wake up
From a deep slumber
To sprinkle thee with
Rose water and petals,
All hail Duke hail
To thee, it is
Hectic for all
To levitate in a
Perfume-filled air
Will you jump over
The wall like a puppy?
Or any parachute, you’ve
To perch on terrace?
A star in my dark sky
Reminds of a better tomorrow
Which winks at
A dawn of hope ahead of.

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