Sunday, 24 November 2013

In my bizarre moments

I stand alone. Is it Shatabdi Express? It will leave the place soon. Hey, where are you? She has been here for long, but now…. I become restless. Vienne, I call her. There is no response. A full-throated calls follow.

With a whistle signal, the train jolts. It is a preparatory moment for a start. A thud follows. I go weak at the knees. The time ticks fast as seconds, minutes, hour…

I wonder, how long should I wait for? Will there be another chance? I look around. Vienne… No response yet. It continues till I see her.

It is a hill top. I go around and a surprise awaits me. It is Vienne.

Where were you dear? I ask. I never wait for her reply. It shows my restless attitude. What has happened, you know? We have missed the train, I say.
So what? She replies cool. We have time left aplenty. Shall we veg out till the next one arrives?

Suddenly there is a shake and a voice calling me, ‘wake up, it’s too late to have a cup of coffee’.

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