Friday, 29 November 2013

Chasing Justice

…. a sunny day. I walk towards a wedding hall, unknowingly. The happy faces invite me inside with flowers and sweets. They sprinkle rose water on me. I am drenched in the aroma for a while. My eyes fall on my dress. There is no make-up, no hair-do and not even a party-wear.

I have a mixed feel, as I look up and see the coat of arms, being carved in stone on the outside. I try to read the letters on the top. It must be the name of the wedding Hall, I think. I rub my eyes to have a clear vision. Appellate Court, it reads.

How does the scene change? I wonder. I am not used to this climate so far. But… Is it Jacob, shaking hands with Monroe, a solicitor?

I am being inquisitive in knowing, what is going on in between them? A simmering tension is felt with inside.

‘Hello, Chelsea’, a voice calls me from behind. I turn back.  … Vaughan! which has brought you here, Mr. Vaughan? I ask.

I am called for a seminar. I guess, you won’t mind giving me a company, he appeals.

We go inside the chamber. The arrangement of the seats reminds me of the court house. There are many new faces sitting on stage.

To my surprise, on my left, I see Jacob sitting next to Monroe.

I am confused about Jacob’s presence. I curse myself for the close proximity to a Venomous creature.

I get diverted, when a stranger on stage starts inquiring Jacob. Does he have any business here? I wonder.

I’m innocent, Chelsea is the culprit. Let me have justice, Jacob cries.

I am shocked at his words. Why does he drag me into his talk?

The person on stage turns his face to my side. Do you have any point to make? He asks.

Sorry, I don’t understand, I reply.

A hustle and bustle disturbs the calm house.

Where is Vaughan, my friend?

While my search is reaching fever pitch, a chilly breeze caressing my face to wake me up from a deep slumber.

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