Sunday, 24 November 2013

Do I wake or sleep?

…. A sip of water any where! Water, water, water. My eyes dart left and right quickly. I feel like my legs buckle under me. Oh, God! What will happen to me? I think.

In the middle of the woods, I stand alone. The dusk starts enveloping the earth. I should go, before the night falls. Is there anybody to guide my way home?

To my utter dismay, there is a student hurrying in the middle of nowhere. I heave a sigh of relief and we both make a good company for quite a few seconds.

There is a historical temple, on the way, left uncared for long. She gets inside the temple, leaving her slippers outside.

I hardly believe my eyes. The gate is still closed. How could she make it?

I wait for her at the entrance. The mammoth door opens up and a sage emerges out. He carries a bowl on his left hand and a spoonful of milk on his right.

There is a mesmerizing charm in his face. I am spell bound, when he drops the milk on the floor. Next he offers another spoon to me. I bend and take it with much respect.

Still, I see the slippers next to mine. The question lingers within, where is she? I hear a voice calling me from the passage nearby. It is the same girl standing with her family.

There is a gust of wind followed by a heavy downpour. I wake up to the alarm of my mobile phone.

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