Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Euphoria - 2013

… uhu, ha, ha, a delirious laughter welcomes me to King’s College campus. A dry spell and sun-dappled water don’t bring the expected delight. I reserve the breeze and the natural scenery for the next day. Do you know the reason?

There is a competition in Arts and Humanities. I feel an adrenalin drive within, due to my role in displaying models at the Literary Exhibition.

I watch my friends emerging from the right side of the woods. While high-fiving each other, they come near me. Charlotte, Katie and Natasha hug me in turns.

Hi, Chelsea, this is for the scene from Daffodils, Charlotte points her fingers at the charts, she is holding.

Well done! I express my happiness.

I have water bottles aplenty, you know, shows Katie. I nod my head with satisfaction.

See these thermacol and dolls, says Natasha.

So, it is going to be a win-win situation, I reply with an encouraging tone.

As we enter into the class room, a few sitting there get diverted. A garrulous one throws a challenge on me.

Will you transfer this Lady Gaga to the wall? The smiling lady is of course a photo on The Guardian.

It takes a few seconds of concentration on the svelte, charming Lady. Wow, a round of applause, I hear, echoing every where. Is it a telekinetic power they ask me for? How does this happen? I haven’t tried so far.

… Hi Chelsea, we have been on the look out for you. Come fast, Lucy calls me.

Why are we in a hurry? I ask. She drags me towards a hall, where the Principal Dr. Eugene makes small talk. I take a pew.

Chelsea, can’t you hear your name being called upon? My friends shout in chorus to bring me back from the trance.

As I go on stage, the Principal congratulates me and says, you have secured the first place in the exam.

A pat on my shoulder with a firm handshake, don’t make me do a celebratory jig. But I say ‘thank you’ as a customary reply.

Does he really mention about me? A confusion pops up inside.

I make my way through the campus with a certificate in my right hand. But my thought journeys elsewhere.

A court crier calls me, Is it Chelsea? Can you hear me?

I turn to his side with a surprise. Sign here, he says showing a contract.

What is it? I ask

Many have come here, but you are going to be permanent, he replies.

What a surprise! I have got a chance to continue.

He shows me a place, where new faces chillaxing with each other. An eerie atmosphere fills the room. The darkness intimidates me to run away forthwith. I thought it would be the staff room. What is it? Why do they wear a black face?

She is newly-appointed for the post…, he mutters something which is not clear for me. He starts distributing tickets for each.

As my turn comes, I lift my hand to collect mine. Of course I am highly agitated.

No, it is not for you. Get yours from the office, he replies.

I sweat and feel a shiver running down my spine and it is dawn, to my surprise.

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