Monday, 23 December 2013

Monday Matinees

…. Porters load the baggages on a trolley and push it to the ground floor at the terminal, where water taxis wait to transfer you across the lagoon to the Hotel Bala del Mar. It is on the front of the beach Lido di Venezia. There are bars, shops, restaurants and of course a nice swimming pool in the garden. You can catch a glimpse of the sea, from the balcony. The Hollywood movies are often being shot here for its scenic background. The elders and kids immerse so keen on watching the film shooting.

-         Benedict (Assistant Director): ‘Picture is up!’ ‘quiet, everyone!’
I wear a dab of make-up and am ready for a shoot.

- Benedict calls ‘roll sound’ ‘sound speed’

The clapper board calls ‘Marker!’ and slaps it shut in front of me.

-         Benedict: ‘action background!’
-         Quinton (Director): ‘action!’
-         Benedict: ‘action!’
-         Cara (heroine): Why are you dragging me?
-      Kerri (a stranger): Please, come with me; Let me show you what happens over there.

I am being led to a huge apartment. In the 1st floor, there are thirty families living. As we go there, many men and women gather round in a circle and ask for story books one after the other. To my astonishment, I see many books on my hand. As we come out, the talk starts;
- Kerri: You have seen my husband Nikolay. He is good, but these people are cunningly playing against him. Don’t trust them.
- Cara: Which has brought you here? I don’t make a head or tail of it.
- Kerri: Nobody will be as innocent as you on earth. My hubby doesn’t have any health problem. We have two kids. Please help me.
- Cara: Please, Leave me alone. Let me find some peace.

(At the temple)

-         Vaccilici (stranger): Hi Cara, How are you?
-         Cara: May I know you? I’m sorry.
-      Vaccilici: I’m the wife of Norman. I’m from a poor family. When she is about to talk something… she faints.
-         Cara: Oh, God, what has happened to her? Does she suffer from epilepsy?

The struggle takes just a few seconds and now she recovers slowly.

-         Cara: How do you feel now?
-         Vaccilici: Quite well now. You know, I don’t have kids. If I were not from a poor family….
I could guess from ‘the pause’ that she is not happy with her family life.

-         Cara: I’m sorry (an interruption prevents me from talking)
-         Quinton (Director): ‘Cut!’, ‘Stop action!’

(At the house)

-         Nikolay: Let me invest a hefty sum for what you are doing now.
-         Cara: I don’t expect anything from anybody.
-         Nikolay: Don’t hesitate to accept my offer. Feel free to be here.
-         Cara: (I see Kerri at the back of Nikolay. There is a dark circle around her eyes. Her hair is let loose on her back)
I grow suspicious. Why does he make an offer? He has got a family to support.
- Nikolay: See my son Charles and daughter Sarah, he introduces them to me.
- Cara: (My heart really goes to the smart boy) I try to cradle him in arms, and say; He is so cute, sir.
- Kerry: My kids are so close to you. I’m lucky that I’ve got you. Will you please rear them up?
- Cara: What? I don’t understand!
- Kerri: Please, do. Keep them, as your friend’s kids. Will you?
(she whispers) I’m confused at her words. I come out of their house, but while parting;

-         Nikolay: If my wife were not succumbed to cancer… (tears well up his eyes)
-         Kerry: I’m dumbstruck.

…. There are 8 switchbacks on a 40 degree slope. Lombard street is one way. Approach from Hyde street. The flowers add fragrance to the spring season. It is quite thrilling to watch people drive down the crooked, one-block section. They all squeal in delight, while driving down. There is a car chasing scene to be shot at a few blocks uphill from Ghirardelli Square.

Benedict (Asst. Director): ‘action!’
Cara: (inside a car on the driving seat) How long have I been waiting for this moment? (I say it to myself)
Jason: (drives a car) Let me avail of this opportunity. Ha, ha, ha… (holding his hanky over his mouth to muffle his voice)
Cara: I’m going to push him down the slope.
Jason: Revenge is my destination.

Benedict and Quinton are so confused at the way, we drive on the hill. Oh God, Look at it… an accident! Steep indeed. ‘In the game of Love’ is shot, yet the real police inquiry starts.

I wake up with a great relief.

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