Saturday, 28 December 2013


… This is NTV news broadcasting from Moscowe. Our anxiety soars high, as we are very close to the 20th Presidential Election. There is a debate between Norman, the Secular Party nominee and Cara, New Justice Party nominee. Soon you’ll have a live telecast from ‘town hall’ at Ostozhenka Street.

On a decorated stage, Norman sits on the left and Cara is on the right. The young Norman is admired for his Charismatic and Charming personality. The flaw is his arrogance. Cara is praised for her dignity, diplomacy and work-o-holic traits. Many feel that she lacks a sense of humour.

At the lectern
Norman: Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the moment, you have all been waiting for. A Renaissance, of course. Our government will give you a clean environment. A stability in job is assured of. Old Age Security Pension has got a place in our election manifesto.
NBC Reporter: What type of approach do you have?
Norman: Carrot and Stick approach.
ABC Reporter: Can you suggest the methods to carry out our aim?
Norman: Of course, yes. Adopt all types of manipulations (pulling the leg, back stabbing)
CNN reporter: Lately, you have erected a Buddha statue in the garden of your palatial house at Severn Road….
Norman: Don’t dig into somebody’s privacy.
NBC reporter: Your opinion on the New Justice Party nominee..
Norman: They have more rhetoric than substance.

(At the lectern)
Cara: Good morning Moscowe. The moment has come to wave a ‘bye’ to the past and say ‘hello’ to a new chapter. I promise that I’ll create one million jobs in my period. Justice is my objective. It echoes, wherever you go. I work for revamping educational system.
Job opportunities will be  given only on merit basis. I act against terrorism and I need your support in bringing peace and harmony in the state.
CNN : How will you handle a situation?
Cara: A kid-glove approach.
ABC: What is your vision as a politician?
Cara: Utopia
NBC: Can you define the term?
Cara: Unity under an umbrella identity
ABC: on Norman
Cara: Pusillanimous

CNN to Norman: What is your ideology?
Norman: Mammonism
ABC to Cara: Where will you go strong?
Cara: In creating a corruption-free state, child benefits and of course no bed room tax.
NBC to Norman: Elite, working and middle class – who is your primary concern?
Norman: Of course, elite.

…. The most awaited Presidential election result will be announced shortly. NTV takes immense pride in being the first to give a live courage on the swearing-in ceremony. It is an anxious moment to know, who is going to hold public office.

… 3, 2, 1, …. Yea, it is Cara who has won the election. She has catapulted into glory with a sweeping majority. There are photo-ops ahead of. All the channels vie with each other as Cara is going to make her first victory speech. A huge gathering waits to hear from Cara.

(At the Kensington Palace)

Cara: Good Evening, Moscowe, I stand before you to thank those, who have rendered their support. Thank you, Mr. Norman and others who stood opposite me. It is indeed a great responsibility on our shoulders to lead our Nation to a prosperous condition.
It is a dream-come-true moment. Of course a collective dream. It is not an individual’s victory. It’s ours. We stand together in our nation building. We will neither feel proud of our success nor get discouraged from our failure. Both winning and losing are the two sides of the same coin.

(Cheers, applause)

It is our duty to teach everybody not to get deceived in our mundane life. My thanks are due to those, who live a life of a hermit. Without them, how do we know, whether we are right or wrong.
We all know that the life on earth is not going to be a roller-coaster ride. Yet there is a hope in each one of us…, in our blood, in our bones and in our kids. It is in our destiny that we will win in future and it is a full-fledged one. Let us pledge together as to find ‘Justice Everywhere’.
( I wave my hand to the gathering)

Land of Hope and Glory,
Mother of the Free
How shall we extol thee,
who are born of thee?”

I hear the song in praise of our Nation and it wakes me up. Is it a dream? … A disappointment envelopes me.

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