Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Third Eye

 … a gleaming full moon beckons you to write reams of work on her. You go crazy to watch her sashaying in the dark sky, at a lonely hour. It is pessimistic to see the dark spot!! My palpitations soar high, as I go past a detached house at Ballyboley Road, Larne. It is ghostly and you feel a wee bit of stomach-churning at close quarters. My routine walk starts at 7 pm. Today a surprise awaits me, as I go near the house. A few gather at the entrance. I collect my strength and peep at the house.
-         of course, a disappointment, a man says
-         What’s the reason? The other asks
-         who knows! Anything….
-         See, the padlock is being sealed upon,
-         Any legal tussle?
-         Might be, if not, why is it sealed?
-         You know, they have been doing a séance
-         Anybody can do, they will say – comes as a reply

As I walk down the lane, a few police men in hi-visibility jackets approaching near. I go fast so that they will never catch me. I grow suspicious, though I haven’t done anything wrong. I reach St. Patrick’s Church. In my hurry, I didn’t notice the police. Now I see them going on Rathfriland Road.

…. It is Drumnagreagh Road. At 9 am, a call for a prayer is being announced with a chime from a clock tower. I’m a bit tensed to reach Antelope Valley courthouse.

-         hi, Chelsea. I turn to my left to see, who is that?
-         Wow, how is it! Briana!
-         Yes, I’m
-         I don’t believe my eyes. It is you, my Briana
-         Why didn’t you call me? Says Briana
-         I have missed your mobile number. Sorry I reply
-         I gave you when we have partied last week, says Briana
-         I lost my bag and my mobile too, I answer her with a sigh
-      Let me help you find the lost back. I know a woman called Ida, who suggests a remedy on this, Briana comforts me

… a serene villa nestled in the middle of the woods. A lake on the right side and the trees on to the left take us to the entrance, which carries the name Kishani Mata Ashram. There are Scots Pine, Sweet chestnut, Strawberry tree, white willow, Cherry plum… spreading aroma and it’s a real visual delight to the devotees. ‘Om Mata’ chantings welcome us to the inside.

-         Nice ambience, isn’t it? I ask
-         Indeed, Briana replies
-         Does Ida know about our visit? I ask with a doubt
-         I have got the appointment, the reply comes with confidence
-         How does Ida raise to such a position?
-         Oh, sorry, you are wrong
-         Then what?
-         Darcy runs this Ashram.

Our speech gets interrupted as Ida invites us inside. Divinity is felt with, as we go round the place. From Ida, I have learnt that Mrs. Darcy has hailed from Krish Dash Ashram at Agra. She is an occultist. As we get into the main hall, we are greeted with,

Om Mata Om Kali….
Shakti Kundalini Jagadumbe Mata…
Jai Jai ma’

A spiritual climate gradually makes us forget our self. A new light is seen at the front and I sit as if in the trance. Darcy is seen, sitting with her eyes closed, on a raised platform, in front of a holy pot. Her lips chant prayers, while adding ghees and flowers to the holy fire in the pot.
Many sit, with folded hands and closing eyes, opposite to her. Smoke, emerging from the pot, does give a blurred vision on Darcy. I get a shiver on my whole body, when she calls, Chelsea;

-         yes, I’m here, I say with hesitation
-         I often talk to you, still you have a doubt
-         What! When did I see you?
-         Your major contretemps with Jacob Jason
-         A surprise, indeed
-         You’ll get back your bag with more clothes and more jewels
-         I am left speechless
-         Your certificates are being taken from temple to temple. Rose petals are seen inside them. Of course the arrangements are made for a job, without your consent.
-         Really. I’m elated with her words. (tears well up my eyes)
-         There are many cheques. It includes one from Victoria College of Arts
-         …. No sign yet of getting them back, I ask
-         I know, how to make them return your articles to you at your doorstep

Darcy turns to another and calls, William….

‘Om Mata, Om Kali’

Echoing within wakes me up from my bed and it is a ring tone, to my surprise.

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