Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sri Godha


See, my friend
Blinking lights, in my dream,
Changing hues
Yellow and pink flowers
Gleam and woo
Thousand caparisoned elephants
Catwalk and shimmer, when
‘Nethipattam’, bells and
Necklaces add luster,
Gold head gears on top
A festive fever catches fast
With Pancari melam and orchestra
Under tinseled silk parasol
And peacock feather fan,
Vencamaram sways up and down
‘Purana porkudams’ in a row to bow
‘Maavilai thoranams’ smile to welcome
Here comes my Narayanan majestically

Red and green silks
Add gusto to the wind
Pearls run everywhere
To twinkle ‘manapandal’
‘Kamugam’ and ‘paalai’
Hanging hither and thither
See, my friend
Rose and jasmine, in my dream
Spraying aroma around
Tomorrow is the wedding, fixed
And It’s a surprise indeed
To see Thirumagal’s solumate
Govindan’s entry with long strides.
Like a lion on a stage.

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