Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sri Andal

( 3 )
Ghee sweets and fruits in air
Melting minds to call ye near
Indiran, Atri, Narada
And devas come holding
Huge plates in arms
The sandal paste worn
Bright faces in silk dhotis
Carrying happy news here
Both families share and swear
Brahaspathi chants ‘manthras’
And engagement fixed thereupon
See, my friend
A mango yellow silk, in my dream
With a pink Zari border
Koorai being draped in
And a garland worn
A gift, from my sister-in-law

Erudite Brahmin Pundits
Fetch holy water in gold pots
From all the four quarters
To sprinkle on both to be married
‘Mangala sasanam’ sung at a high-pitch
Rapturous, yet no word uttered
See, my friend
Lotus-faced Kannan in my dream
Seen with a garland around His neck
Throw a smile and
Take a quick glance at
The Kaappu on my left
And on His right wrists
A novel way to leave a note?

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