Wednesday, 9 July 2014




With a bow-like eye brows
On the sun-defying face
My brother, Balarama
Bowing unto the fire
And raised to lift my hands
Placed against Achudan’s
Offering puffed rice
See, my friend
King Kannan, in my dream
Cupping my arms on top of His
Together offering rice to the fire.


To bring down the heat
Due to the smoke from fire
Sandal and ‘Kumkum’ applied
And made me sit next to Kannan,
On a caparisoned elephant –
It’s a procession thro’
The streets decorated with
‘Maavilai thoranam’
See, my friend
On our return, in my dream
‘Mangala Aarathi’ drawn,
It’s indeed a new dawn!


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