Monday, 7 July 2014

Sri Naachiyar

Look! Look! Gorgeous looking young nubile girls
In a ravishing bright silks
Having ‘Sun defying oil lamps’ and
‘Gold Kalasams’ in hands
Jingling with glittering
Diamond bangles
The rustle of silk seen with
On the cusp of youth
Stealing a dazzling smile on faces
Waiting in the wings to welcome Kannan
See, my friend
The King of Mathura, in my dream
Swaggering down like a thunder
With His strong ‘Padugais’


Drums thumped up and down
In tune with ‘Nadaswaram’
Meandering thro’ ‘Kalyani’
A flight in a music-filled air
Transporting all to sublime heights
To my surprise, a conch blown,
See, my friend
The brawny Madhusudan, in my dream
Strutting down His way thro’
Pearl-strewn, floral ‘Manappandal’
And holding my hand into His right
What a nice gesture, it’s!

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