Wednesday, 9 July 2014



‘Manthras’ chanted at a high pitch
‘dharbai’ and ‘Samikthu’
Added to the ‘Agni kundam’
Anxiety-filled Vedha Pundits
Going in a hurry
To complete the rituals
See, my friend
Blue-skinned Kannan, in my dream
Holding my hand tight in His right
Moving round and round
The fire, parroting ‘Manthras’
In the smoke-filled ‘manappandal’


An omnipotent God and
The ruler of our hearts
Both material and spiritual
See, my friend
Narayanan, in my dream
Leading me to the North
Of the fire with His
Right holding my hand
When His left
Lifting my right toe
And putting on ‘Ammi’
A firm nuptial bond
Tied for all our births

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