Thursday, 17 July 2014

Oh, Hari!

Thoughts tossing up and down
Hark! In the choppy waters
Eyes smitten with the glowing ball
Bright, yet a loving touch
Wonder seeing thy smile on top
Nature’s torch against the dark sky
A dance in tune with the moving sea
The straying fizzy locks in the wind
Whispering woeful words in thy ear
The rolling black marble eyes
Do a magic on thy pink tulip face
Wow, what a sight it’s!
When they steal a quick glance at
The lilting lips of Radha
Scarlet and yellow Pimpernal
Hug thee so close to thine
Watch, a jealous air all around
Wandering thoughts float over
The top of massive waves
Carry the longing look
Oh, Hari! Play thy part in a hurry
For a dawn chasing thee at thy back.

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